Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Is Here!

Definitely here.  Yesterday it was 100 degrees and I was over in Bullhead City today and it must have been about 110. Sure felt like it. But had shopping to do so had no choice. The wind was coming off the Colorado River and it made it feel even hotter.

Have been looking around Ebay to see how sales are going and it seems very, very slow. Hardly any of my children's boutique clothing buddies are still around. All of a sudden our area just dried up. There are still a few new sellers but not much in the way of sales. They aren't getting much for their outfits which is a shame. Have been thinking about opening an Etsy store since Ebay's fees are outrageous now. They definitely need competition.

Been busy cleaning and doing maintenance on the sewing machines. Tomorrow will get to the serger. Been so busy this summer I haven't had much time to enjoy the new embroidery machine and I am really itching to get to that. And boy is that thread ever expensive. $6.00 for an 1100 yd. spool. At least it seems expensive to me. Got to buy that stuff on sale for sure.

Kat who is 13 yrs. old now has decided that when I turn the bedroom light off at night it is time to play. She finds all sorts of little things and brings them up in the bed and keeps pouncing on them. This goes on until about 1:30 am. Don't know what this stage is called but for me it is called "no sleep" until she winds down. Good thing I love her.

All for now so....

Till next time.


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