Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On My Own

I guess I will be on my own since I have yet to hear back from Blogger. How my entire blog could disappear is beyond me. I must be to blame here since everyone else still has their blogs up and running and only mine has disappeared.

So I will have to get my pics together and everything else that I can remember was on my blog and start over. This is rather depressing but then again it will give me the chance to make some cosmetic changes to my blog that I had been wanting to do.

To work I go. Think I will change my background first. Hmmmm, what to choose?



  1. hi Carol,

    i do hope you get the blogging fixed soon,
    take care

  2. Technology is great, until it messes up. So sorry about losing your blog. I have heard of that happening to others, and maybe you will hear something back from blogger soon. I think one person was You might want to check her blog out and give her an email and see what she did.

    Good luck.

  3. Thanks Teresa. I will check her out.