Monday, March 30, 2009

Wind, Wind Go Away

Is it "March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion" or vice versa??? Here in the valley it is definitely going out like a lion. We have had such terrible wind this last week. Keeps one awake most of the night. It calmed a bit this morning and I was going to try to get some pics of my latest quilt but there was just enough that the quilt kept moving. Inside I can't get good enough lighting to get quality pics.

I'm just hoping the new roof doesn't blow away. So far no tiles have come loose so that is a plus. This wind is almost as bad as the monsoon winds were. The desert looks so ugly with all the plastic bags hanging onto the cactus plants. I bought a bunch of the "green" bags from the supermarkets and use those now instead of bringing plastic home. They are also great for storing yarn and other items in. As soon as I unload groceries I stick those bags right back in the car so I will have them next time.

Last night a baby cottontail was on our patio. He/she looked so small to be away from mommy. Such a little cutie and so much fun to watch. It was checking out the inside of the house through the sliders. If it were up to me I would gather all the bunnies and quail up and bring them home. But what would I do with them all?

That's about all for now.


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  1. Yes.....the wind has been blowing like a gale here too!! I just get tired of hearing it!!