Monday, April 6, 2009

Really Bad Pictures

Ok, so I'm telling you up front before you look at them, they are terrible. Too much wind to take outside pictures so tried (keyword here is "tried") to get some halfway decent ones inside. But it didn't work.

Anyway, here is the latest quilt I am working on. Need to sandwich now and decide whether to tie or quilt. For some reason it says "tie". Since it is what I call jungle prints I thought the strings hanging from the tieing would look sort of cute, like little tails from animals. The darker stripe print is of zebras and the other prints are of spots of animals (in my mind). The dark border is a cute print with giraffes on it.

Also, with everything that is going on I forgot to post pics of two dresses I made for the little girls in the family. They looked too darn cute on St. Patricks day wearing these. My granddaughter is 5 and my grand niece is 2 and I just love making clothes for them. I took these with my dd's camera and wasn't quite sure how to use it. Should have taken pics of the outfits on the girls, they would have probably come out better since I would have been using my camera then.
These are soooo easy to make. I just applique a design onto a white shirt and cut off part of the hem of the shirt and sew on a twirly skirt which I make. Since I found the ruffler part of my Baby Lock it makes it so much easier to make the twirly skirts. Then I make a sash that ties into a big bow in the back. They always look so cute on the younger girls I think.
I have to go out to Sam's Club and buy some re-chargeable batteries. Mine are several years old now and don't seem to be holding a charge anymore.
Till later,



  1. hey now Carol! Thanks for visiting Patchwork Underground! =) Sorry it took me so long to get back to ya...I'm battling and nasty little cold and I've been kinda dead to the world the last coupla days. This quilt is awesome! It definitely says "tie" to me, too. I can only imagine how adorable the st. paddy's desses look on the little ones!! I'm adding your blog so that I can keep up with your adventures. =)

    hugs! erin

  2. Thanks so much Erin, just love your site.