Sunday, April 26, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I have been wanting an embroidery machine for quite awhile now and think I have found one that is affordable and hopefully dependable. The more I read about them I am beginning to think that I may be too dumb to operate one of these. So much to learn.

So far the one I am seriously considering is the Brother PE700II. However, I read someplace that it was not compatible with Vista for downloads. I have been searching for information on that statement but haven't come up with anything. Does anyone know about this??

If it is not compatible then I can't use it. Will have to look into other models. I liked everything I read about the Brother except for that one statement. I know Walmart has cheaper embroidery machines however I was told that they don't last very long. Something to do with stitches all being used up too quickly (whatever that means).

Hopefully, some of you know about this machine and can give me some advice here.

Thanks in advance.

Till later,



  1. No help from me, I am afraid. I don't know anything about embroidery machines.

    I am curious about your pattern Jared Takes a Wife. I did follow the link but I did not see the quilt. I think I will google it and find what it looks like. The Running Stitches blog was very interesting though.

  2. Well, silly me Teresa. I posted the wrong blog and now I can't remember where I saw it.

  3. Hi,

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