Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow..

Always tomorrow. Tomorrow I plan to complete a little dress for a darling little girl. Just a simple little thing, cut off bottom of knit shirt and sew a skirt onto it. They look so cute on little girls.

Have to sandwich a quilt also and hopefully will get time to bind it. Not quilting this one just going to tie it. In a hurry to get it done. Got to get new batteries for the camera and get some pictures up here.

Was sitting out on the front porch swing tonight and wanted to get a pic of the beautiful sunset and no batteries. We have some of the most beautiful sunsets here in Arizona. However so many things that I can't get pictures of like the little bunnies that come by every night at 6:45 to get a drink of water when the sprinklers come on. But they run away very fast whenever I open the front door to go out. Then there is the roadrunner that lives under a palm tree. He takes off same as the bunnies.

So tomorrow I will be busy. But enjoying it all.

Till later,


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